Thursday, January 2, 2014

Halloween in January?

This time of year everyone is making resolutions, and while I have some of my own, I'm busy preparing for something altogether and entirely different. I volunteered to attend the fifth annual Halloween and Party Expo in Houston, TX with Mauler Monsters, LLC. I've been working with Mauler Monsters, a company that manufactures zombie costumes called Zombie Huggers, to get ready for this big trade show in which they hope to sell orders of their product line. It's been a great experience creating all of the marketing and promotional material for a small business; I've built their website and designed numerous print pieces, such as business cards and invoice sheets. When one of their crew had to drop, they were left with no-one who could replace them in such short notice. So, in a couple of weeks I'll be flying down to Houston and wearing a Zombie Hugger for four days, meeting and greeting with some of the Halloween industry's finest. I'll also be working to bring their social media to another level, and taking lots and lots of pictures! If you're interested in checking out some of the work I've done so far for this company, you can find a few samples on my portfolio site at

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