Saturday, November 5, 2011

Game Jams and Magic Missiles

Fireball...or Magic Missile?
There are just some times when everything shifts under foot, and if you stand back and take it all in objectively, you can see and appreciate the winds of change. I'm currently in the midst of a deluge of these changes, and some directly affect my work. A great example are the mechanics changes we've made and applied to Fireball. Since we're no longer launching a ball of fire, we can't really justify keeping the name - no matter how attached I am. Will aptly renamed our project "Magic Missile", and it provides a solid metaphor for our changes as a whole. Not completely different, but more versatile.

Game Jam!
UAT is holding a Game Jam this weekend, and so I've taken the opportunity to camp out with the jammers and work on, Magic Missile. I'm not competing this time around (most Game Jam games don't need level designers anyways) but I'm helping the teams that are using Unity 3D whenever they have a particular question. This gives me a chance to work in an environment away from everything, and I'm finally feeling like I'm getting back into the swing of things.
Dennis working in Unity3D.
Tyler coding it up on a Mac.
Labyrinth Updates
I've finished testing out the world space for my level, and have begun a preliminary pass on lighting. I've received feedback that the Vaults were too dark, and so I've made conscious efforts to both increase the ambient lighting and add more point-based lights. Here are a few screens to show off the progress.
It's a start!

The center of the labyrinth with its test lighting.

Our sexy prototype block.

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