Saturday, October 8, 2011

Puzzles and Music


With the IGF Main competition only a week or so away, I've steeled myself for a very productive weekend. The nice weather and Minecraft 1.8 patch, among other things, have been distracting me from a solid weekend of work. I hope to change that.

While I haven't made as much progress as I'd have liked, I did make some puzzle headway. Pictured is a simple timing one I called the Hall of Walls. Next up is the conversion of my Four Pillars puzzle, although I'm sad I can incorporate more than half of it (it was a rather long puzzle and I have structural restraints). It seems I've inadvertently placed heavy emphasis on timing in the puzzles I've created, so I'm going to hit the whiteboard and create some that emphasize spacial awareness to get a good mix in.
The Hall of Walls


Real Dedicated is an indie development "studio" (I'll remove the quotations when we make our first $1), and I'm overjoyed to work with such talented people. I could talk all day about how our lead programmer codes our entire game and isn't even a programmer, or how our artists produce professional level work more quickly than I can ask for it. Today though, I'm going to pimp our music composer a little. Mark Gonzalez is a burgeoning composer who already writes music that I can listen to all day long. I feel really special that his first commercial album is, in fact, the Fireball Official Soundtrack, and is now for sale. For $8 you can get a double-whammy of karma points by helping fund not only Mark's musical career, but development of Fireball as well. And you can even listen to the entire thing before you buy it! 

I also want to extend a thank-you to everyone who already has purchased the album, and everyone who will. You guys rock.

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  1. Well, then it's official. We've official earned our first $1 as a studio. I'll say it again, I am so grateful to be here. Thanks for the shout out.