Saturday, March 12, 2011

Post GDC Follow Up

GDC 2011 was a great success for not only myself but my team as well. I had an expo pass this time which was a little different than the summits and tutorials pass from last year, but it wound up working well. I spent most of my time on the expo floor promoting our official first release of TS so the expo pass was a good fit. Thanks to the guys at the Unity booth, we were allowed to set up and show lots of people the game - more so than we could have alone. This attracted some attention and we're currently in talks with publishers to see if we can get published! The Unity fellas were awesome to talk to, and we learned a lot from the other games hosted there.

One game in particular caught our eye as an outstanding example of what Unity 3d can do: Rochard. An example of the kind of changes we learned from the other developers is the size of lightmaps being used. Default lightmaps are created at 1024x1024 (roughly 1.3mb). With around 7 per room and 40+ rooms, it added up quickly. Now we've reduced them to 256x256 and 80kb a piece, drastically cutting the size of the built game.

Currently we have a milestone of a finished product by May 1st. See you then!

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