Sunday, February 6, 2011

TradeSecret Beta Crunch!

We've got less than 22 days until we launch our first public beta, and we are all feeling the pressure. The launch date will coincide with the first day of the expo floor at the San Francisco Game Developer's Conference. These past few weeks have been particularly brutal, at least as the lead level designer, because we had a pretty underwhelming previous semester. I came moved up the ranks and inherited a whole mess of problems and unfinished levels, and have been toiling endlessly. Just last night I finished the environments for the last few rooms, and on Tuesday I will compile all of the packages and begin preparing for the most important phase: fun testing! Here's a sneak-peak at some things I had fun doing.

Well, I lied a little. Placing all of those crystals became tedious pretty quickly, but the end result came out nicely.
The second image is the throne of an NPC; Duke of the Junkyard. I'm currently working on his "throne" area.

As a final note, we will be hosting a dedicated site for TradeSecret, most likely in the next week! Check the Offical TradeSecret Website on March 1st to play the beta!

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