Monday, March 22, 2010

Microsoft Surface Games

 After taking a nice two week hiatus it feels good to be getting back to work. One of the more exciting teams I am currently involved in is our Experimental Gameplay team. Before the break we had just finished a beta version of our MS Surface game "WPB". With a team of four people we created the game in a week's time. Tomorrow we are getting back together to polish and playtest, as well as establish our next project. I will post a video or at the least screenshots of the game later this week, and hopefully update my portfolio with all of the game's details within the next two weeks.
To give you an idea of what we did I'll post some of the art assets I created for the beta. The game is a mix between Warlords, Pong, and Breakout - hence the project name "WPB". As I mentioned before we had a team of four people: two programmers, one artist (myself) and one audio effects artist. What I didn't mention is that all of those positions were not our majors; we're all designers. Prior to this project we spent the time trying to find documentation, source codes, or anything that could help us learn how to code for the MS Surface. To say it is sparse would be an understatement, but now that we have trudged through that bog we have a solid grasp of the technology. Our next project will be bigger in scope and hopefully use the gesture capabilities of the Surface. Pictured here is an early version of the board. Bricks and paddles adorn each quadrant, and balls spawn from the middle. Props to DarkDesigns for their Plasma Brushes pack!

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