Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Valley of the Sun

Normally I try to stay away from prefacing every late blog post with contrived openers like, "Sorry for disappearing, I've been super busy!", especially when it feels like every blog post I write is late. That would get old pretty quick. That being said, I've been really, totally busy. Seriously. I moved from the blustery Saint Paul, MN back to the oven that is Phoenix, AZ. It was tough leaving my girlfriend back in the Twin Cities, but she'll be jumping back into the oven with me in August, so it's not too terrible. The move could have gone more smoothly, as USPS lost my library of books (the likes of which I'll probably never see again, RIP books). Regardless, I made it back to Phoenix relatively intact and had a wonderful time seeing my friends again.

Fast forwarding a bit, I needed a vehicle and a decent job. I found both in the last month; I'm now the proud owner of a Yamaha Star Bolt motorcycle and Northern Arizona University's new Multimedia Technical Designer. Needless to say I'm pretty pumped to begin working at NAU with such an elite team of people, and in a position that pulls in development, design, and curriculum.

You're probably thinking, "That's all well and good, Andy. But this has nothing to do with anything that I remotely care about." Hypothetically speaking, of course, as I don't think anyone actually  reads my blog. Nonetheless, hypothetical reader, you'd be correct. So let's jump into some fun stuff!

HeroCraft has some newer art. Below are Quicksand, Mor'Xeth, and Stoneskin by artists Odom Keo, Dima Goryainov, and Mike Messer respectively. I've had to put a temporary hold on art consignments as I moved and became resettled, but more are in the pipeline!

I recently made some more rules adjustments to help streamline the game; my goal is continuing to scrutinize the mechanics and interactions and remove overly-complicated parts. We held a playtest last night to great success. My next step is going to revisiting my designs for the rulebook, so expect that in the future!

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