Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Veteran Art & Small UI Update

I just received another piece of art, the Veteran, by Odom Keo. (For those that see my updates on Facebook, this has new and improved art!) I'm still waiting on three more pieces in this round of consignments: the Gold Golem, Scale Mail, and Xyr. Since I'm impatient, however, I decided to make a blog-post detailing the UI work I just finished rolling out. Everything but the colored Experience Orbs has been analyzed and changed with clarity in mind, both graphically and semantically.

The most noticeable changes, shown below in a side-by-side comparison of the Inferno card, are:

  • New Upgrade symbol
  • Thicker border (and small tweaks to the coloring)
  • Language updates, including Resist as a keyword
  • Font spacing, shadow, and size changes
  • Increased sizes for the Power, HP, EXP, and GP icons
  • New Refresh icon
These may not seem like mind-blowing changes, but they have a significant impact on the player experience. Consistency is crucial to providing a product that is perceived as high-quality.

Older Version
New UI Changes

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