Saturday, July 6, 2013

Freedom Jam Night 2

The countless beer bottles strewn about my desk is evidence that I've officially been game jamming for the last twenty-four hours. That and the lack of sleep. Here's the recap video of Ikertu's progress:

Today I replaced some of the cube trees with an un-textured low-poly tree model, reformed and painted the terrain, gathered sound effects, created particles, added ambient fog, created a gem GUI icon, and placed 76 of the little fellas in a nice path. Unfortunately there is still a ton to do, and since I won't be participating for all of Saturday and most of Sunday it will be challenging to get the level up to the standards I'm comfortable with. In addition to getting the main level mechanics in (the sound mushrooms), I need to put in all of the decorative art assets that are done, light it, and optimize it for great frame rates. 

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