Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hellboar and UI Sneak Peek

I've been hard at work doing a lot of user-interface, icon, and layout work on the cards, along with a re-branding of the game which I'll reveal later. This is only a sneak peek because I still have at least one more icon to make, and then I will try to import them all into an existing font file and make a custom font. Otherwise, it's infinitely tedious trying to move the icons around the text, and they never line up perfectly. My artists have been busy lately and so I haven't put up new art in a while. To remedy that here's the Hellboar illustrated by Nick Azevedo. I'll have some more art being sent in soon, and by then I'll hopefully have all of the card templates updated and ready to go. After that it's on to working on the board itself!


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