Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Runebones

With the Relkor and Sword art, Dima's established the art style enough for me to reach out to other artists. The second member of the HeroCraft art team is Michael Messer, a friend-of-a-friend. We got in touch after   he saw some of the assets and I'm super excited to have him on the team. I'm sure it's pretty daunting to try and emulate another artist's style, but Mike nailed it. His first consignment was an eastern monster, the Runebones. Below is the original art and the final card.

I'm doing another playtest on Wednesday with my friend Tyler of Retora Games. My main focus is to try and distill a process for explaining the game, and capture it in the rules. 

I also re-coded the entire Real Dedicated website this week and will launch a new version as soon as we get some updated pictures and descriptions for our projects.

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