Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fireball Demo at Phoenix IGDA

Next Wednesday Brendan and I will be doing our first official unveiling of Fireball. We've been asked to show off the project at the Phoenix IGDA meeting on September 7th. We've had a few weeks notice, and decided to push for the first installment of a series of demos that will precede an alpha build of the game. We're really interested in the business model the folks at Interstellar Marines are using, and decided to base our marketing strategy off of it. The demo we're preparing for Wednesday is the first of a series, and will be available for download on our IndieDB page following the meeting.

In other, Fireball-related news, our team has solidified and chosen a new name to operate under: Real Dedicated Games. We're all pretty excited at the pace of development and the direction the game is going, and it's definitely rewarding to see our efforts starting to pay off. I especially am feeling relieved; managing a remote indie team is an exercise in patience and planning. The stress of being the lead level designer, company owner, and general manager all at once started getting to me, but my teammates have been wonderful in doing their jobs as best they can to mitigate it.

I'm particularly proud of our audio team this time around. Our Audio FX veteran Sean is (and to be fair, always has) been performing above expectations consistently. He even went into hurricane Irene to capture rain sounds! The other half, our music composer Mark keeps impressing us with his incredible music and turnaround. During the development of TradeSecret audio was always one of our weakest assets; on Fireball it's one of our strongest.

Well, I have a lot of work to do this weekend still, but I'll leave you with a WIP screenshot of the demo room I built for next week.


  1. Thanks. I'm glad to be a part of this team and have such strong support. This experience has helped me immeasurably.

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