Saturday, July 16, 2011

Unity 3d Workshop

On Sunday June 17 at the University of Advancing Technology I'll be co-leading an eight-hour workshop on Unity 3d essentials. We're the last of a weekend full of workshops and tutorial sessions aimed at rapid prototyping. Brendan Erquiaga and I were chosen because of our experience on TradeSecret, and we're really excited to be given the chance to show everyone how awesome working in Unity is!

Since the goal of the workshop is to teach the "essentials" we'll be canvasing nearly every tool in the editor. The workshop is interactive; the people in attendance will be following along as we go through tutorials, and that allows us to really hit some things home. We'll be doing segments where we create several tiny games with each session focusing on particular elements of the editor. Some of the tools and systems I'll be teaching are terrain editing, lighting, particle emitters, and the animation tool.

Once the workshop has concluded and we get the recordings I'll post them for anyone interested!

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